HaydenOakley, Realtors full service means that you have full representation from an experienced realtor who has helped clients buy and sell hundreds of properties during the last 20 + years.  We are your advocate, your eyes, ears and voice for your property in the real estate community including Buyers and other Agents. Consider us as your personal strategist, coach and problem solver.  We welcome and expect your full participation in the process and feel that together we can come up with a successful approach to getting your property marketed and sold. Our services are paid for at closing.

·    Detailed pricing strategy that allows movement for the future and gives you a detailed plan of what will happen when.

·     “HaydenOakley, Realtors” yard sign will be placed on your property with your agent's name and number as the primary contact. We will be available to communicate with potential buyers and their agents to provide relevant information and answer questions about your unique property.

·    Property listed with MLS servicing over 10,000 agents, where we will be designated as the co-listing agent and will handle all necessary phone communication with agents and buyers regarding your property.

·    Property listed with Realtor.com, Trulia, Google, and all internet data exchange sites.

·    Listings will have 15 photos and appropriate documents (surveys, disclosures, etc.)

·    Virtual Tour and professional still shots may be included if elected by you at additional cost.

·    Hold an Open House for all brokers

·    We will collect feedback on all showings.

·    On 2nd showings, we will proactively make an offer to the buyer if applicable.  This strategy is EXCLUSIVE to HaydenOakley, Realtors.

·    You will be set up on an automatic email notification search which will notify you as often as new info becomes available about competing properties in your market area. This will include new listings, price changes, properties that go Under Contract and those that are Closed Sales. This allows you (and us) to keep up with specific market data as it relates to your property in order to stay informed and make decisions accordingly and as we see fit.

·    Properties that are currently occupied can schedule a visit from a professional home-stager for a reasonable charge as well. I am available to make suggestions regarding changes in presentation etc for no charge during initial consult and as our listing progresses and we get more current feedback etc.

·    You can expect to hear from us via phone at least twice a month. We are available to you via cell phone or email as well if you need any assistance, problem solving, strategy help etc.

We expect to encourage and negotiate offers on your property, to help you navigate and negotiate through the inspection process, preparing for closing etc.

The VIP Seller's Fee for HaydenOakley, Realtors is

guaranteed to put more moneyin your pocket . . .

Please call for more details.

You always retain the right to sell on your own and can cancel at anytime.